Dr Mark Thomas

I have always been interested in the geosciences and as a child was fascinated with volcanoes and earthquakes. This curiosity has never left me and prior to taking the position as a lecturer in Engineering Geology, I worked at the University of Leeds as a Research Associate modelling the flow of magma through volcanoes.

Ultimately, there are a shortage of both volcanoes and earthquakes in the UK, which cannot be said of engineering projects, which is what lead me to my position today. I believe engineering geologists are key in tackling some of the biggest societal problems such as improving infrastructure or developing strategies to deal with the often less than pleasant legacy of past projects.

Moving to the field of engineering geology took me back to my roles before I returned to academia having worked as both an engineering geologist and geophysical engineer over a period of 5 years. This industrial experience gave me great insight into commercial pressures and expectations, something I try to get across as part of the course in addition to the technical expertise necessary to work as an engineering geologist.

For me the MSc projects are a real highlight. For the student it brings together the opportunity to put into practice so many of the aspects that they have learnt on their course, focusing on a practical problem. These projects usually involve a significant input from our industrial associates which is another great positive for me as I believe it is our close links with industry that make our graduates so employable.

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