Dr Stephen Hall

Can every human being can have a decent life within planetary boundaries? This is a really important question, so that’s where I have focussed my efforts as an academic. I have been looking closely at energy systems in cities, how they connect to human needs like heat and transport, and how we can change them to provide energy services without harmful air quality pollution or global climate impacts. Most of my published work addresses this question. I have worked in municipal government, in the NGO sector and in multiple research roles to find an answer.

I have been lucky at the University of Leeds to meet with other academics, lecturers, and researchers who share a passion for sustainable human settlements but analyse different systems. From these colleagues I have learned about radical new ways of building and owning housing, exciting ways of integrating nature and biodiversity into cities, and just how important infrastructure and transport are to the way we experience our daily urban lives.

This team has created the Sustainable Cities MSc to share this knowledge and to create sustainability leaders of the future. My work in urban energy systems and the work of the Sustainable Cities MSc team in other urban systems, will be at the centre of our teaching on this course.