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Kolade Victor Otokiti

Kolade Victor Otokiti is a postgraduate student at the school of Earth and Environment, studying an Environment and Development MSc.

Kolade’s desire to study at the University of Leeds was established approximately 11 years ago, after discovering that the Nigerian Nobel laureate, Wole Soyinka, is an Alumnus.

“While many of my interests have faded with time, my ambition to study at the University of Leeds continued to grow stronger…”

…The fact that the University of Leeds is a member of the Russell Group and its postgraduate programmes are well-respected worldwide further heightened my interest.

Kolade Victor Otokiti

Sustainable initiatives

During his studies, Kolade has participated in three noteworthy conferences. Most recently, he attended the ESRI User Conference: GIS-Mapping Common Ground where he learned about the most recent ArcGIS advancements and useful tips for sustainability projects.

“I also contributed significantly to a study entitled ‘Recondite Issues Shaping Urban Food Supply and Food Security During Covid-19 Emergency in Nigeria,’ the abstract of which was presented at the Centre for Urban Research on Austerity's Towards the Post-Pandemic City Online Conference.”

Making a difference

The programme offers one-of-a-kind opportunities for comprehending and applying integrated frameworks, concepts, and policies to address the current and imminent challenges arising from our everyday actions and foster sustainable development.

Kolade Victor Otokiti

During the ‘Critical Perspectives in Environment and Development’ module, Kolade employed the political ecology approach to investigate the relationship between payment for ecosystem services and poverty reduction in developing countries.

“This study sheds light on how human-nature relationships within the ecological context might be exploited to address global inequality and poverty.”

Contributing to change

 “The program's extensive curriculum is designed to provide students with skills and insights to assist them in facing environmental problems in their various manifestations today and in the future.”

On a personal front, the programme satisfies Kolade’s intrinsic thirst for interdisciplinary knowledge and allows him to gain specialised training relevant to his career interests.

“Coming from an Urban and Regional Planning background, I have learnt advanced GIS application through intensive hands-on practicals and assignments to map and address many environmental issues, including flooding and sea-level rise…

…I have the privilege of drawing on the faculty's expert knowledge in developing a robust understanding of climate impact causation, impact and vulnerability assessment methods, and adaptation strategies.”

Given that unplanned development activities may aggravate the severity of environmental challenges, the programme has equipped me with new and innovative approaches to planning human settlements to transition towards the direly needed sustainable development.

Kolade Victor Otokiti

Future ambitions

Kolade is interested in academia because it offers a high-level prospect of fostering evidenced-based policies while also contributing to national planning and development through ground-breaking research.

“In addition, I intend to establish a consulting firm that provides robust geospatial services for environmental planning, coastal zone management, and risk and disaster management.”

“The critical writing and quantitative and qualitative research skills I have honed throughout my studies at the University of Leeds will provide a strong foundation for my doctoral journey and a career in academia.”

Studying Environment and Development at the University of Leeds offers unparalleled and unique approaches to addressing a wide variety of emerging socio-economic concerns and complex environmental challenges.

Kolade Victor Otokiti

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