Jeff Turner

Jeff Turner


Gender, Inclusion and Vulnerable Groups Theme Leader, High Volume Transport Research Programme 2018 to present

Technical Lead for a DFID-funded research programme as a part of a IMC managed 5 year programme that seeks to develop evidence and capacity on gender, road safety and social inclusion as part of strategic road and urban transport investments and policy

Gender Specialist,  Port Moresby Safe Public Transport Programme, UN Women, 2017 to 2018

Providing Technical Assistance to UN Women Papua New Guinea Country Office on the implementation of a programme to address gender-based harassment and violence on the public transport system of Port Moresby, the capital. Involves capacity development and supervision of ongoing research study.

Gender and Infrastructure Specialist, Inclusive Infrastructure Initiative, Côte d’Ivoire, AfDB, 2015 to 2016

Supporting all stages of Bank project cycle for transport sector and energy sector on gender mainstreaming. Lead consultant for a DFID-trust funded project to develop capacity within the Transport sector and energy sector operations of the African Development Bank to mainstream gender. Contributed to project planning, design and appraisal of sustainable urban transport, multi-modal and road transport projects as part of capacity development for AfDB and Regional Member Countries staff.

Visiting Lecturer, Transport Policy Research & Training Programme, UK, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, 2009 to Present

Delivery of University-based Capacity Development and Research.  Deliver Masters-level training on sustainable urban, multi-modal transport planning and policy, gender and social development in developing countries. Supervise Masters-level research focused on a range of topics including planning for and development of BRT-based sustainable urban transport. Involved in the delivery of a World Bank funded Masters Programme over 3 years at Kigali Institute for Science and Technology on sustainable urban transport planning for cities and multi-modal transport planning, and policy.

Transport Specialist in Transport Planning & Policy Development, Ministry of Transport, Ghana, 2014 to 2015

Provided long term Technical Assistance on Capacity Development of Ministry of Transport in Transport Policy and Planning for the Government of Ghana.  Responsible for providing technical advice to support the Ministry’s agenda of evidence-led policy development and planning across sustainable urban mass and para-transit, non-motorised transport, national transport policy, ports, airports and rail networks. Developed capacity on sustainable urban and multi-modal transport planning and development. Managed a range of World Bank funded Consultancy Studies on national multi-modal transport policy development through all stages of the project cycle. Provided technical support to national policy dialogue on issues including Sustainable Urban Mass Transport including BRT, Para-transit management and Non-motorised Urban Transport, Climate Change Mitigation, Public-Private Partnerships and Infrastructure and Economic Growth.

Transport Specialist, Development of Good Practice in Rural Transport Policy, UK, IT Transport, 2012 to 2014

Provided Technical Assistance on transport policy development to 2 pilot countries.  Responsible, as part of an SSATP funded study, for providing a policy framework and technical advisory support to 2 pilot governments (Nigeria and Uganda) in developing national policy on rural transport management including para-transit management, walking, cycling and gender equity. This featured supporting multi-stakeholder policy dialogue including development partners and developing policy guidelines and resources.

Transport Specialist, Integrating Climate Change into the Transport Sector, UK, 2013

Developed guidelines on integrating Climate Change into the Transport Sector.  Responsible for developing operational guidelines and training material for operational staff of EC DEV on integrating Climate Change into the planning and development for sustainable urban mass transport (including BRT) projects and regional multi-modal transport sector projects. The guidelines covered projects in ACP, East and Central Europe and European Neighbourhood countries.

Transport Gender Specialist, Capacity Development on Gender and Transport, Philippines, AsDB, 2012

Lead specialist responsible for establishing and delivering in-house training for Asian Development Bank operational staff on mainstreaming gender into sustainable urban mass transport (including BRT and Metro systems) and multi-modal transport sector investments. Responsible for producing all the training material and co-ordinating the development and delivery of practical case studies from operational Bank Staff.  

Team Leader/ Transport Specialist, Accessibility Tools for Transport Needs of the Urban Poor, UN Habitat, Rwanda/ Mozambique, 2011 to 2013

Development of Practical Sustainable Urban Transport Planning Tools.  Team Leader for a UN-HABITAT funded research study developing ICT-based tools for planning and monitoring for sustainable urban transport (including para-transit) needs of low-income communities in developing cities. Developed UN-HABITAT guidelines for sustainable urban transport planning and development for the urban poor in the developing world.

Transport and Gender Specialist, Global Report on Human Settlements 2013 – Sustainable Urban Mobility, UN Habitat, UK, 2011 to 2013

Contributed to the development to the 2013 Annual UN Habitat Global Report that focused on Planning for Sustainable Urban Mobility. Focus of report was on Sustainable Urban Transport Planning and Development for Cities. I was responsible for providing a case study on urban BRT and rail-based mass transport planning and development and gender in Indonesia and providing Gender peer-review.

Lead Technical Specialist, Linking Rural Communities with Health Services, UK, DFID, 2011 to 2013

Team Leader for a DFID funded research project, responsible for organising a multi-stakeholder, multi-disciplinary research study to understand the interaction between gender, transport accessibility and maternal medical emergencies in efforts to reduce maternal mortality.

Programme Manager, Africa Community Access Programme (AFCAP), UK/ Kenya/ Tanzania/ Mozambique/ Malawi/ Ethiopia, Crown Agents, 2008 to 2010

Research programme to promote access solutions for rural communities in Africa.  Led a DFID-funded project management team in the start-up and establishment of a £7.5 million research initiative that promoted sustainable solutions to enhance access for rural communities.. Established dialogues and governance structures across Kenya, Ethiopia, Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique and commissioned a wide range of research and knowledge activities including the understanding the role of public transport management in rural transport services in meeting the MDG’s.

Theme Champion, Social Development Theme Champion, global Transport Knowledge Partnership (gTKP), UK, IMC Consultants, 2008

Knowledge Resource for transport policy & practice in developing countries. Project funded by the DFID to advocate, disseminate and communicate research and knowledge on social assessment into transport planning including sustainable urban transport planning and development, including BRT approaches across developing cities.

Team Leader, GoSkills Diversity Solutions Project, UK, 2008

Team Leader to the Private Sector-led UK Passenger Transport Sector Skills Council on promoting greater diversity within the urban public and mass transport workforce. Gathered data from public transport employers and oversight agencies on workforce composition, supported workforce development within public transport and developed guidance on management procedures.

Project Leader, Mainstreaming Gender into KfW transport investments, Germany/ Indonesia/ Kenya, 2006 to 2007

Development of guidelines to incorporate gender into transport investments.  Team Leader on a study to provide advice to the transport sector team of the German Development Bank, KfW. This involved undertaking case studies of KfW operational practice in gender mainstreaming within the urban and multi-modal transport sector including assessment of planning and development of urban rail transport investments in Jakarta, Indonesia. Guidelines and training programmes for KfW operational staff on gender mainstreaming were developed.

Transport Specialist, Women and Transport in Europe, Europe, 2004 to 2006

Analysis of gender & transport in Europe and Development of Action Plan. Urban Transport specialist in a multi-national team for a European Parliament-funded study to explore the gender differences in urban travel patterns and public transport sector employment patterns across the European Union. The study involved desk-based work and a small number of country case studies were undertaken. Recommendations on public transport management and urban transport equality indicators were made.

Transport Specialist, Gender Equality in UK Transport Policy & Provision, UK, 2003 to 2005

Funded by the UK Equal Opportunities Commission to monitor the performance of the urban transport sector in relation to equality. The study reviewed the gendered nature of urban transport, the degree of gender equality in urban transport policy, and the degree to which gender & transport impacts on other sectors. It developed planning and modelling tools to enable equality in UK sustainable urban transport planning and development.

Gender Specialist, Integrating Gender into World Bank Transport Investments, Bangladesh/ Vietnam/ Laos/ China/  South Africa/  Senegal/  Lesotho/ Uganda/ Peru, TRL, 2002 to 2004

Evaluation of gender mainstreaming within Development Partner Transport Team operations.  World Bank-funded project to mainstream gender into the Bank's activities to support the transport sector. This study involved evaluating the effectiveness of the efforts to incorporate gender into the transport investments of a series of donors including BRT-based sustainable urban transport solutions included in the World Bank-funded Dhaka Urban Transport Project.

UK Project Manager, Pricing Acceptability in the Transport Sector, UK, Dept. of Planning, University of Manchester, 1999 to 2001

European Commission-funded multinational study which aimed to bring new knowledge on public attitudes towards sustainable urban transport policy and pricing in Europe. It highlighted mechanisms to enhance public acceptability of pricing schemes in the transport sector.

Work-Package Leader, North European Trade Axis, UK/ Ireland/ Netherlands/ Germany/ Poland, Dept. of Planning, University of Manchester, 1999 to 2000

European Commission-funded project to plan multi-modal transport links along an East-West corridor between Dublin, Hull, Berlin and Eastern Europe. The study involved several pilot projects to plan and develop sustainable urban development patterns, multi modal combined transport and environmental corridor management.

Senior Research Fellow, Sustainable Cities, UK, Dept. of Planning, University of Manchester, 1995 to 1997

Analysis and recommendations for sustainable urban transport.  Responsible, as part of this UK Engineering Research Council funded research project, for planning sustainable urban transport and land-use in the city of Swindon, UK. Involved in developing an Urban Land-use/Transport model and Master Plan scenarios.

Team Leader and social scientist, Travel, transport and the female trader of Accra, Ghana, TRL, 1992 to 1994

Understanding gender patterns of travel behaviour and policy implications. Team Leader for an extensive, DFID-funded project, exploring urban travel activity and transport usage of urban poor, especially women within Ghana including their interaction with rural agricultural hinterland. The major output was the book called ‘At Christmas and on rainy days’.  The key studies were:

  • A study of women's demand for transport in developing cities and the impact of transport service operation on their productive, reproductive and community management roles. This study reviewed existing literature, conducted surveys on women using transport in their income-generating activities, including agricultural marketing with rural areas, the transport problems women face and the role they play in providing transport supply.
  • A study of household organisation and travel-activity scheduling in developing cities. Using qualitative and quantitative methods, this looked particularly at the effect of the extended family structure on how households would respond to transport policy initiatives
  • A study of what difference culture makes to the level of bicycle use within Accra. The study evaluated how the ethnic composition of the city and the groups differing attitudes towards cycle use will affect the success of World Bank policies to promote bicycle amongst the urban poor.

Research interests

Jeff Turner is a economist working in transport whose pimary areas of interests are 

  • Understanding the interaction between transport policy and social development, gender equality and poverty reduction in developing countries.
  • Understanding our understanding of transport policy and infrastructure development in developing countries
  • Improving our understanding walking and cycling as a means of travel and the effectiveness of policies and measures to promote walking and cycling

Frances is actively seeking to supervise Masters’ students interested in a variety of areas of transport policy and planning with respect to develooing countries. He welcomes discussions with potential students about possible research topics and how to tailor research to meet the objectives of individual students.


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  • BSc (Honours), Economics, University of Salford

Student education

I presently teach on the Institute for Transport Studies Master courses and I also supervise Masters dissertations in any area of transport related to developing countries.

Research groups and institutes

  • Social and Political Sciences