Dr Albert Solernou

Dr Albert Solernou


With a degree in Physics, Albert did a PhD at the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre. He developed methodology and software for protein-protein docking and coarse grained modelling for proteins. Afterwards, at the University of Oxford, he joined the European FP7 Scalalife project in the Advanced Research Computing (ARC) group, part of the Oxford e-Research Centre. There, his research was on High Performance Computing (HPC), and involved parallel programming (OpenMP and MPI) focusing on the energy consumption of applications and algorithms. Additionally, he had a role as software advisor in the HPC clusters of the UoO, while progressively acquiring some system admin responsibilities. 

After a short period as Advanced Research Computing Officer at the University of Leeds, Albert was awarded with a EPSRC fellowship aiming to study the early stages of blood clot formation. During three years, he worked on developing general coarse-grain methodologies for protein modelling together with an efficient and maintainable implementation, to bring molecular simulation to a longer time and length scales. 

Since then, Albert is enjoying his involvement in ITS where he is developing further his skills into new research areas. As a member of the Human Drive project, Albert collaborated with the rest of the partners in making an autonomous car to drive as a person would. Additionally, he is contributed to the InterACT project programming Virtual Reality experiments to study the reaction of pedestrians to automated vehicles. He is currently part of VeriCAV project, specifically working with Theoretical Game approaches for traffic modelling.


  • Scientific programming, code optimisation, parallel computing, virtual reality programming.
  • Guaranteeing the computational effectiveness of the UoL Driving and Pedestrian Simulators.
  • Executing experiments for the UoL Driving and Pedestrian Simulators.
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Research groups and institutes

  • Human Factors and Safety