Users’ behaviour and impacts of car sharing services: the case of Copenhagen

Institute for Transport Studies (ITS) research seminar with speaker Andrea Vanesa Papu Carrone, DTU, Denmark.

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Recent and future changes such as automation technology and the sharing economy together with observed generational differences will likely impact car use, car ownership and the transport system performance. In the recent years, several new mobility services have already started to operate. It is our intention to understand: their impact on traditional transport modes, their operation and the behaviour of users.

The presentation will focus on past, ongoing and future work related to free-floating car sharing (FFCS) in Copenhagen. FFCS started in Copenhagen in 2015 when DriveNow began to operate the first fleet of electric shared cars. The work to be presented is empirical research based and motivated by data provided by the company for the city of Copenhagen. The talk will be framed in three research questions: What are the characteristics of FFCS systems that users’ value most, and how does FFCS impact the traditional transport modes? Which are the geographical drivers of FFCS demand? And, how do users adapt to a FFCS system?

Bio: Andrea Vanesa Papu Carrone

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