Alternative funding models for transport infrastructure development: the case of Namibia

As part of the ITS 50th anniversary celebrations, we welcome alumnus Naville Geiriseb (Msc Transport Economics 2019). Naville currently works for the Ministry of Finance in Namibia.

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For nearly a decade now, Naville has been proactively pursuing opportunities to contribute to the socio-economic advancement of Namibia in the infrastructure sector. He joined the Ministry of Finance in Namibia as a Senior Economist-Project Appraisals under the Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Unit in August 2020 and has been acting in the capacity of Chief Economist since September 2021.

Prior to joining the PPP Unit, Naville worked as a Transport Economist at the Ministry of Works and Transport (MWT)  in Namibia for 5 years. While at MWT, Naville served as the National Focal Point for Namibia on the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) project’s State Action Plan initiative for 2 years, where he successfully led the development and submission of Namibia’s first ICAO State Action Plan on Carbon Emissions Reduction in International Aviation. Concurrently, he served on the National Climate Change Committee (NCCC) in Namibia, representing the transport sector and was a member of the Sustainable Urban Development Master plan sub-committee for infrastructure until 2018. Naville is passionate about transport infrastructure development in rural communities with a keen interest in the economic appraisal of infrastructure projects, project financing and management, independent research and policy analysis.   Naville was awarded the prestigious Chevening scholarship by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the Government of the United Kingdom in 2018 and obtained his MSc in Transport Economics at the ITS, University of Leeds, United Kingdom, where he was awarded the Frank Lai Award for most impactful/innovative masters dissertation 2019.