An introduction to Pedestrian in the Loop Simulation and the University of Leeds PEDSIM

Presented by Professor Richard Romano, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds.

As automated vehicles move from motorways to urban environments, they must successfully interact with pedestrians.  To do this, Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms must be developed that predict the motion, behaviour, and intent of pedestrians, and support the negotiation of an agreed order of precedence when controlling vehicles and other autonomous systems such as delivery robots.  The University of Leeds is developing a pedestrian simulator that provides a 4m x 9m rear projected walkable virtual environment.  The simulator enables experiments to be performed that will support the design of AVs, research the causes of pedestrian injuries and fatalities, facilitate the design and development of new urban infrastructures, and design new interventions and driver assistance systems that reduce pedestrian casualties.  The presentation will cover existing simulation environments throughout the world as well as recently published research.  The presentation will close with a discussion of the planned capabilities of the new simulator and the resulting research opportunities.

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