New industry mentoring scheme for ITS Masters students

The Institute for Transport Studies has launched a new initiative to offer an industry mentoring scheme for Masters students.

The aim of the programme is to link students with a mentor who has volunteered their time to assist in developing career ideas, confidence and employer awareness.

Mentors are often ITS alumni who have secured a role in the transport profession. They are based around the world and work within in a variety of organisations, such as WSP (UK), PADECO (Japan) and Urban Transport Group, (UK). This enables the mentee to build a network of contacts and gain an insight into current opportunities and challenges within the industry.

The mentoring scheme will connect students with mentors primarily via digital communication methods, although some mentors are located in Leeds and may be able to meet face to face.

Having a mentor is a great way to gain an insight into future career paths; increase understanding of what employers are looking for; start building a network of contacts for the future, and develop professional skills with the aid of positive and constructive feedback from a mentor.

Tessa Grant, Professional Development Manager, said: “At ITS we are committed to supporting our students in developing the necessary skills to manage their careers. We are delighted to offer the opportunity to enhance the employability of our students through this Industry Mentoring Scheme.

“The aim of the mentoring scheme is to provide students with not only the opportunity to enhance their employability but to also expand their professional networks and increase their confidence.

“Mentoring is a powerful tool. Being a mentor can be a very rewarding role. The mentor will support a current student to manage their own learning and development. Currently we have just over 30 alumni acting as mentors on the scheme, which was piloted this year.”

The first year of the scheme will run from January to June 2018.

Further information

For more information on this scheme, please contact Tessa Grant T.J.Grant(at)