Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Transport Economics and Policy

Eight ITS staff contributed to a new Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Transport Economics and Policy published by Edward Elgar in September.

Edited by Chris Nash, it contains twenty one chapters by experts from around the world, grouped into sections on costs, externalities, demand, pricing and investment, deregulation and privatisation and transport policy impacts.

Transport economics and policy analysis is a field which has seen major advances in methodology in recent decades. The transport sector has many unique characteristics – non-storability, economies of scale and scope, indivisibilities and the extensive production of positive and negative externalities – that need careful consideration in any analysis. The aim of this Handbook is to provide an overview of the essential research methods with illustrations of how they are applied in practice.

The book is divided into six sections – transport costs, externalities, transport demand, pricing and investment, deregulation and privatisation, and transport policy impacts. Each section comprises several chapters, divided by mode of transport or other relevant factor. Some of the unique features include:

  • a comprehensive overview of methods used in transport economics and policy analysis from leading researchers in the field
  • up-to-date methodology for analysing transport costs and demand
  • examples of how to value the full range of externalities of transport, including both costs and benefits
  • guidance on how to assess the impact of privatisation and (de)regulation, with examples from local public transport, rail and air
  • identification of the relevant factors involved in transport pricing, including roads, public transport, ports and airports
  • an analysis of the neglected topic of equity in transport.

Contributors include: J. Bates, O. Betancor, B. de Borger, T. Fowkes, J. Holmgren, J. Owen Jansson, G. de Jong, G. Lindberg, H. Link, R. Liu, A. Ljungberg, T. May, H. Meersman, S. Morrison, C. Nash, J.-E. Nilsson, J. de Dios Ortuzar, J. Preston, S. Proost, L.I. Rizzi, W. Rothengatter, G. de Rus, S. Shepherd, A.