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Image of cyclists commuting. Image credit: Kamyar Adl, Flickr

New cycleways are being introduced in many cities, allowing healthy habits started during the lockdown to continue.

Image of cyclists, credit: pxfuel

New research shows that electrically-assisted bikes (e-bikes) have the capability to slash carbon dioxide emissions from transport and could offer a safe and sustainable route back to work.

ITS alumni seminar presenters 2020

In light of current global circumstances, a new series of alumni presentations was launched in April that offers a number of webinars hosted by some of our international alumni.

Faculty of Environment Partnership Awards 2020

The Faculty of Environment Partnership Awards is an annual event to give recognition and thanks to staff and students in the Faculty.

Image of Dr Charisma Choudhury

An Institute for Transport Studies researcher is a recipient of a flagship fellowship aimed at addressing global challenges.