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A man standing inside a virtual transport simulator

Cutting-edge research equipment is receiving an upgrade 18 years after it first came into service at the University.

Image of a bus in Leeds city centre at night.

Bus services outside of London have seen a staggering decline over the past 15 years, with provision plummeting by more than 60% in 80 local authority areas, new research shows.

Buses in Leeds, with Kirkgate Markets in the background.

New research suggests that improved public transport and active travel friendly environments are the most likely pathways to reach net zero in transport.

Someone sat on a bench next to an electric bike. They're wearing a bicycle helmet and holding a basket of flowers.

New research reveals public opinion of e-bikes as a step in overcoming the barriers to their use.

A view of the front windscreen of a car from the inside. The outside is a long exposure shot, so the headlights from the road outside go all down the side of the car.

He spoke last month in Brussels at the lecture organized by the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC).