Governance of the Smart Mobility Transition

Professor Greg Marsden and Dr Louise Reardon have co-edited a major new book on how we govern the transition towards a more automated, electric and shared mobility future.

Governance of the Smart Mobility Transition considers the real world impact of 'smart' technology in vehicles and how this could provide mobility solutions. The publication asks: With more recent advances in this technology, is the potential impact that these changes could bring being given enough focus?

Rapid changes are underway in mobility systems worldwide, including the introduction of shared mobility solutions, Mobility as a Service and the testing of automated vehicles. These changes are driven by the development and application of ‘smart’ technologies such as smart phone platforms and real-time data sensors embedded in infrastructure. 

Transition to these technologies present significant opportunities for countries, cities and rural areas alike, offering the tempting prospect of economic benefit whilst resolving today’s safety, congestion, and pollution problems.

The new edited collection was published on 13 March with Emerald Insight. It explores the key governance questions that the transition to these technologies pose; seeking to understand the gaps, opportunities and ability to steer these transitions in order to achieve positive social outcomes into the future.

The book’s contributions provide four key conclusions that aim to set an agenda for future research and policy consideration and action.

Further information

Find out more about the publication on the Emerald Insight website.