The Premier League has a short-haul flight crisis

Researchers highlight impact of Premier League teams such as Manchester United, taking domestic flights between matches in the UK

The vogue for Premier league teams to hire private jets - even for short haul flights - is reaching crisis levels, according to a story in the Daily Mirror which cites research by Dr Chris Smith (Earth and Environment) and Dr Sally Cairns (Institute for Transport Studies).

The piece identifies ‘player welfare considerations often trumping the financial cost and environmental impact’ as well as issues with rail reliability, fixture changes and the effect of Brexit on domestic flights, as the shift to VIP travel.

Speaking about the damage to the climate Dr Cairns said, "The use of a private plane is usually one of the most polluting ways to travel, and organisations that are serious about their climate commitments should find other ways of travelling where possible.”


Photo by Yuri G. on Unsplash