Yee Thung Lee

Yee Thung Lee


I graduated from the University of Nottingham, Malaysia with First Class Honours in BSc (Hons) Psychology in 2022. During my undergraduate study, I was heavily involved in different research projects, and collaborated with different research groups internationally. 

I am a PhD student in Human Factors and Safety Group, ITS (Leeds), funded by EPSRC iCASE, with industrial partner, Jaguar Land Rover. My PhD project mainly focuses on investigating drivers’ attention management in automated vehicles. 

Research interests

My current PhD project focuses on investigating how drivers manage their attention during automation in Level 2 automation (SAE, 2021), particularly how lighting of the driving environment could influence their hazard perception and attention management skills, how they differ from manual driving. My work heavily relies on the usage of driving simulator and eye trackers to answer my research questions. 


  • BSc (Hons) Psychology

Research groups and institutes

  • Human Factors and Safety