Chenghao Qian

Chenghao Qian


I am a Ph.D. student in Transport Studies at Institute for Transport Studies researching computer vision-related topics for autonomous driving.

With a computer science education background and 4 years of industry experience, I have served as an algorithm engineer in robotics and self-driving vehicles for UBTECH and XPENG Robotics. My past projects have focused on building perception algorithms and systems to help autonomous robots be aware of their surroundings and interact with users. My current research interests include Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Driving, Computer Vision, Semantic Segmentation, and Object Detection.

Research interests

|Artificial Intelligence | Robotics | Autonomous Driving |

|Computer Vision | Semantic Segmentation | Object Detection |


  • M.Sc. Information Technology, University Of Sydney, Australia
  • M.Sc. Information Technology Management, University Of Sydney, Australia