Abdullah Isilti

Abdullah Isilti


I have been a PhD student at the Institute of Transport Studies since February 2024. I have a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Yildiz Technical University and a master's degree in transport planning from the University of Leeds. I also have professional experience in infrastructure. I have been working as an engineer at İGDAŞ in Türkiye for about 4 years.I am a detailed, analytical, and solution-oriented researcher. I aim to produce innovative solutions to the environmental and social problems faced by the transport sector.

Employment History 

  • January 2019 – July 2022, Civil engineer, natural gas infrastructure construction, IGDAŞ, Türkiye 

Research interests

  • Comparative analysis of electric vehicle technologies (BEV, PHEV, FCEV).
  • Renewable Fuels in Transport and its impacts on Climate and Air Quality
  • Integration of renewable energy sources for electric vehicles. Optimal utilisation of wind, solar and hydroelectric energy.
  • Sustainable energy infrastructure design for electric vehicles. Integration of renewable resources and energy storage solutions.


  • MSc Transport Planning, University of Leeds, the UK, 2023
  • BSc Civil Engineering, Yildiz Technical Universirty, Türkiye, 2018