Matea Ćelić

Matea Ćelić


In 2021 I joined the University of Leeds as a part-time PhD student interested in applied science research, especially the one that links cognitive (neuro)science and technology. My PhD is a collaboration between the Institute for Transport Studies and School of Psychology, two well-established disciplines whose concepts I use and study as part of my daily work at Rimac Technology Autonomous driving department. 

Research interests

My research interests can be split into two different but related streams: 

  • Behavioural and psychophisiological aspect of driver distraction 
  • HMI design and evaluation

My current studies are mainly centred around the effects of cognitive distraction on driving performance in extreme driving conditions (i.e., high performance driving / racing). I am also looking at behavioural and psychophysiological differences between professional race car drivers and drivers without prior racing experience. 

The second area relates to in-vehicle displays and the way different users interact with them, both in manual and autonomous driving. This includes the modality of the information provided, its location and the effects it has on driver behaviour and performance. 


  • MA, Psychology, Faculty of Croatian Studies, University of Zagreb
  • BA, Psychology, Faculty of Croatian Studies, University of Zagreb
  • BA, Occupational Therapy, University of Applied Health Sciences, Zagreb

Research groups and institutes

  • Human Factors and Safety