Sustainability and Consultancy MSc

You will study 180 credits in total during your Sustainability and Consultancy MSc. These are the modules studied in 2021/22 and will give you a flavour of the modules you are likely to study in 2022/23. All modules are subject to change.

Sustainability Consultancy Project – 90 credits

Undertake a focused professional consultancy project, usually as a 10 week industry project where you will carry out some discrete analysis. The project will address a specific sustainability issue within the context of the host organisation. It will result in the production of tangible project deliverables directly to the host. This could consist of a report and presentation, a diagnostic tool, web resource – or any other deliverable specified by the client host. In addition, there are assessment deliverables to the university, such as presentations and final project report/dissertation.

Project management: developing and managing environmental contracts  – 15 credits

This module introduces you to the core elements of environmental contracts as well as the more practical aspects associated to this type of contracts such as responding to tenders, developing proposals and implementing projects.

Managing and delivering sustainability through projects and organisations – 30 credits

This module will enable you to learn to apply your theoretical knowledge in practical contexts using a range of tools and techniques to deliver sustainable outcomes.