Sustainable Food Systems and Food Security MSc

The following modules are available in 2023/24 for Sustainable Food Systems and Food Security MSc (formerly called Sustainable Food Systems MSc) and are examples of the modules you are likely to study. All Modules are subject to change. You will study 180 credits in total.

Compulsory modules:

Introduction to Sustainable Food Systems – 30 credits

This module will use systems thinking as an approach/tool to explore this complexity and start identifying possible solutions to the big contemporary and future challenges our food system faces, such as food security, obesity and malnutrition, climate change and food justice.

Methods and Skills for Sustainable Food Systems – 30 credits

This module aims to equip you with the research methods and analytical techniques used in sustainability research, as well as the capabilities required to lead change in the food system.

Sustainable Food Production and Food Security – 15 credits

This module will consider the role of food production and processing in sustainable food systems, including traditional and innovative methods in meeting food security targets, and how food affects us all in different ways.

Sustainable Food Consumption – 15 credits

This module will investigate the real-world challenges food sustainability presents in the context of food consumption. It will apply systems thinking approaches and integrate perspectives from psychology, nutrition and public health, sustainability, critical geography, and sociology. 

Sustainable Food Supply Chains and Trade - 15 credits

Explore sustainability challenges that result from sourcing strategies and supply chain activities. Consider solutions to sustainability challenges, with a focus on linking food production and consumption in order to achieve sustainability outcomes.

Food Systems Field Trip – 15 credits

This module applies experiential learning to expose you to the realities of food production and consumption in local, regional and global food contexts. You will get first-hand experience of the challenges in balancing the three domains of sustainability (environment, people, and economy) and the implications of a globalised food system.

Food Systems Research Project – 60 credits

Building on the learning outcomes of the previous modules you will produce an original piece of research investigating a real-world challenge related to food systems sustainability. You will be able to choose from a range of research topics and projects provided by the academic supervisory team. There is substantial opportunity for partnership and co-supervision in this element of the programme.

The full list of module information can be read in the course catalogue.