Lifesaving work by alumnus

Work undertaken by ITS alumnus, Alvaro Guzman, has resulted in an annual reduction of bus passenger fatalities by 78% in Ecuador.

The work by the National Transit Agency (ANT) in Ecaudor, headed up by Executive Director Alvaro Guzman, has saved the lives of 161 public transport users in the country over the course of the year. 

“The ANT has used its efforts to reduce the number of accidents and fortify security in the public transportation system” said Alvaro. “Road deaths in Ecuador due to public transport was a huge problem here in Ecuador. Next we can start to focus on motorcycles and private cars”

The 78% reduction in public transport related deaths has been possible through the use of GPS security devices which were used to analyse data. Through the data the ANT were able to identify which routes posed the greatest risks, the timeframe in which the greatest incidents had happened in the past and even the public transport companies that had registered the most accidents.

Alvaro graduated from the Institute for Transport Studies in 2010 with a degree in MSc Sustainability in Transport and then returned to ITS to study for his PhD in 2013. Since 2017 he has returned to his homeland of Ecuador to take up a prestigious role working as the Under Secretary of Road and Rail Transport for the Ministry of Transport and more recently as Executive Director of the National Transit Agency.


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