ITS launches 2020 international alumni seminar series

A new series of alumni presentations was launched in April that offers a number of webinars hosted by some of our international alumni.

In this new online seminar series we invited some of our international alumni to give presentations on a variety of industry topics, drawing from a range of industry experiences. This series was designed to focus on some of our global alumni achievements whilst also re-energising a sense of ITS community in a remote environment..

The first seminar was delivered by Elena Chiari  on “From class assignments to real-life projects: how I’ve applied what I learned at Leeds”. Elena graduated in 2013 with  MSc (Eng) Transport Planning and Engineering and after returning to Panama and also working in Columbia she has been involved in projects regarding transport infrastructure, planning and sustainable mobility, mainly in Latin America. 

When I was considering about my seminar topic I thought what would the Elena of now would want to share with the Elena of 2012. Having been in their situation in the past, alumni can provide useful information to current master students regarding how they may apply what they are learning in real-life projects, managing expectations, insights about the opportunities and relevant actors in this sector and share what they found most useful.”

She went on to say “I realised thanks to this experience of delivering a seminar, that what I learned at ITS has influenced my professional experience more than I originally thought, spanning much broader topics. Not only regarding skill sets to deliver specific tasks but also applying core lessons and teachings from other colleagues that may be relevant and thinking outside my very specific area.”

Our seminars are currently only offered to our students to join live but they are available to everyone to listen back to:

Thursday 23 April “From class assignments to real-life projects: how I’ve applied what I learned at Leeds” – Elena Chiari, MSc (Eng) Transport Planning and Engineering, 2013. Listen back here.

Thursday 7 May “Transport is growing, so is the need of transport professionals: the case of an Ecuadorian student” – Galo Cardenas, MSc Sustainability in Transport, 2015. Listen back here.

Wednesday 3 June ”Impacts of Covid-19 in Buenos Aires City transportation” – Lucila Capelli, MSc (Eng) Transport Planning and the Environment, 2015.
Listen back here.

Friday 19 June “Rethinking Transport & Sustainable Mobility in the Automotive City" – Karen Gonzalez, MSc Transport and the Environment, 2018. Listen back here.

Monday 29 June “Logistics and Freight Transportation” – Syed Abdul Rahman, MSc Transport Planning 2013 and MA Transport Economics 2014. Listen back here.

Wednesday 15 July “Transport services in Latin America and the Caribbean The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” – Eugenia Rivas, MSc Transport Economics, 2015. Listen back here.

Wednesday 29 July “Vision and Driving: visual acuity and motion perception” – Mojtaba Moharrer, PhD Transport Studies, 2016. Recording  not available.  

Wednesday 12 August “Tactical Urbanism/Innovating Streets” – Courtney Groundwater, MSc (Eng) Transport Planning and Engineering, 2013. Listen back here.

If you wish to get involved and deliver a seminar to our masters students please email.