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Multiple bunches of green bananas

New research led by postgraduate researcher Ingrid Arotoma-Rojas presents a case study of Shawi Indigenous men in the Peruvian Amazon.

Rainforest in Panama

Reforestation projects could be made more effective with the findings of new research into the constraints on nitrogen fixation among plants.

Interior of a steel refinery showing the entrance to a working furnce.

Steel is essential for making many of the technologies that will end fossil fuel combustion. Unfortunately, to produce a lot of steel, manufacturers need to burn a lot of fossil fuel.

Ghana alumni 2022

As part of the Ghana Urban Mobility and Accessibility Project, Institute for Transport Studies delivered a training programme aimed at improving transport issues.

Infrared image compared to a normal image of a radiator in a stair well against a tall window - revealing where most heat is lost from a house.

A blog by Professor Alice Owen from the School of Earth & Environment and Dr Faye Wade from the University of Edinburgh.