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Limestone crag on Snaizeholme Fell.

Pioneering research will for the first time monitor how the creation of England’s biggest new native woodland could help stave off the worst effects of climate change, such as flooding.

Someone sat on a bench next to an electric bike. They're wearing a bicycle helmet and holding a basket of flowers.

New research reveals public opinion of e-bikes as a step in overcoming the barriers to their use.

DO NOT USE-one shot use  sainsburys ESRC story only

A team of researchers from the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) have been awarded an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Celebrating Impact Prize for supporting healthier consumer habits.

A gorilla in Lefini, Republic of Congo, stood on a fallen tree above water.

Leading researchers have launched a major scientific initiative to investigate and protect the fragile Congo Basin Forest in central Africa, one of the world’s most important ecosystems.

A woman in a wheelchair sat at a train station platform. There is a train passing in the distance.

Professor Lucie Middlemiss and Dr Diana Ivanova investigate how energy and environmental policies can put people with disabilities at a disadvantage.