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Amazon rainforest

Gold mining significantly limits the regrowth of Amazon forests, greatly reducing their ability to accumulate carbon, according to a new study.

Monisha Jackson, BA geog and sociology alum

BA Geography and Sociology alum Monisha Jackson has been awarded the Royal Geographical Society with IBG Dissertation Prize in the Race, Culture and Equality Working Group.

Shopping mall

In a new study, scientists warn that technology is not the silver bullet for mitigating and solving the many global environmental issues the world is facing.

A volcano surrounded by green trees

A new study has examined spatial biodiversity patterns across the Permo-Triassic mass extinction event (c. 252 million years ago).

Image of cyclists commuting. Image credit: Kamyar Adl, Flickr

New cycleways are being introduced in many cities, allowing healthy habits started during the lockdown to continue.