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Hooker lake newzealand 2016

Meltwater lakes that form at glacier margins cause ice to recede much further and faster compared to glaciers that terminate on land, according to a new study.

Images of wind turbines

Global energy consumption in 2050 could be reduced to the levels of the 1960s and still provide a decent standard of living for a population three times larger, according to a new study.

Kew gardens

Tapping into the myriad uses of plants and fungi could save people and the planet, says new report.

Khe Nuoc Trong forest credit: Dominick Spracklen

Research by the University of Leeds has helped secure the highest government protection for internationally-important Vietnamese forests.

Image of a mosquito on skin by Himas Rafeek from Pixabay

An international study reveals how future climate change could affect malaria transmission in Africa over the next century.