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1)	The research team led people on a ‘scavenger hunt’ activity where they asked the group to record things that they noticed around them as a data collection exercise.

New research has revealed for the first time that well-functioning ecosystems are crucial to human health and wellbeing.

Text reads: Clean Air at Leeds

This Clean Air Day, we are celebrating the innovative research to support cleaner air in the Faculty of Environment and beyond.

A power plant.

Human-caused global warming has continued to increase at an “unprecedented rate” since the last major assessment of the climate system published two years ago, say 50 leading scientists.

A power plant.

Industrialised nations responsible for excessive levels of CO2 emissions could be liable for $170 trillion in compensation by 2050 to ensure climate change targets are met, say researchers.

University Partnership Awards

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2023 Faculty of Environment and University Partnership Awards.