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A tree

The University of Leeds is developing plans for one of the most significant woodland creation projects in the north of England.

Picture of 6 air conditions

According to a new study, using propane as a refrigerant could reduce the effects on global temperature increase from space cooling.

A cook mixes a bowl of freshly prepared vegetables

A study of more than 26,000 middle-aged UK women reveals those with a vegetarian diet had a 33% higher risk of hip fracture compared to regular meat-eaters.

A photograph of the Cohort 5 school year photo, Institute of Transport Studies.

The belated Institute of Transport Studies class of 2021 graduation ceremony was held on Monday 4 July, to celebrate the amazing achievements of our students, despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

Brown Rhino in Green Open Field

Small pockets of protected areas, separated by inhospitable farmlands, are not sufficient to preserve wildlife.