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Members of Mafwa Theatre sketching their surroundings at Askham Bog with Katie Surridge. The landscape is lush and green, with long grass, trees and other plants filling the background.

An artist is collaborating with a community arts group to create a living wall for the University of Leeds, inspired by carbon-storing peatlands.

Somebody installing insulation in a house.

A team from the Universities of Leeds, Strathclyde and Sussex are using research to improve support for people to retrofit their homes.

Georgia Tatam

Using geological samples from the Ythan Estuary in Scotland, scientists have identified a melting ice sheet as the probable trigger of a major climate-change event just over 8,000 years ago.

Two photos of Dhilan. Left is a portrait of him smiling. Right is him carrying two brown bags, food parcels, as he volunteers in Leeds.

Dhilanveer ‘Dhilan’ Teja Singh Bahi sadly passed away on 20 June 2022. His undergraduate dissertation has been published alongside a touching note from his family.

A team of researchers at the base of a tree in a forest. They've put a ladder against the tree and one researcher is at the top of the ladder, tying a measuring tape around the tree.

The brief advocates for a new focus on unexplored areas of the Amazon.