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Looking towards William Glacier from a ship

Scientists lucky enough to be in the “right place at the right time” witnessed a giant lump of ice breaking away from the William Glacier in Antarctica, a process known as calving.

Tree tops in a tropical forest looking towards a mountain top against a blue sky

Leading researchers, including University of Leeds academics, want to see a decade of “global action” to restore the world’s lost and depleted forests.

Kate Fearnyough (MSc Climate Change and Environment 2019) is a Science Negotiator at the Cabinet Office

Acting on behalf of the UK in climate negotiations, Leeds alum Kate Fearnyough travels to COP27 hoping the conference will accelerate mitigation action around the world.

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By Piers Forster, Professor of Climate Physics, Director of the Priestley International Centre for Climate

A green, cycle traffic light

Dr Bianca van Bavel is at COP27 to launch an online decision-support tool to help policymakers identify the wider benefits of climate change policies.