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Earth seen from space as the sun begins to emerge over the northern hemisphere

Mineral dust played a key role in raising oxygen levels in the Earth’s atmosphere billions of years ago, with major implications for the way intelligent life later evolved, say researchers.

Landscape in SE Asia showing large section of deforested land

Deforestation is resulting in reduced rainfall across large parts of the tropics, according to new research.

Premier League has a short-haul flight crisis and Man Utd are the latest damaging culprits

Researchers highlight impact of Premier League teams such as Manchester United, taking domestic flights between matches in the UK

Planet Earth

SIM-EARTH project to shed light on pre-history mass extinctions and how to find intelligent life in space.

Looking towards William Glacier from a ship

Glaciers along the Antarctic peninsula are flowing faster in the summer because of a combination of melting snow and warmer ocean waters, say researchers.