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a field of soybean. 
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A map showing the environmental pressures from global food production has been developed by researchers, to identify ways of creating more sustainable and just food systems.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Simone Buitendijk on stage and speaking to the audience with Tracy Brabin to the left and Professor Piers Forster to the right

Regional leaders and organisations must work ever more closely to achieve net zero in Yorkshire and the Humber.

A person holding a sign at a protest that says 'There is no planet B'
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Professor Lea Berrang Ford says populations around the world need to adapt their lives dramatically to cope with the warming we’ve already caused – even if we do reach net zero.

Fossil records of the first animals to emerge. Picture credit: Dr Emil Mitchell, University of Cambridge

Oxygen levels in the Earth’s atmosphere are likely to have “fluctuated wildly” one billion years ago, creating conditions that could have accelerated the development of early animals, say researchers.

A view of an aeroplane wing in the clouds.
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Carbon taxes on heating and driving affect the poor more – but charges on flights could offer a fair way to tax carbon.