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Tractor ploughing a field on a sunny day.

Phosphorus use in the UK needs to be better managed and used in a much more sustainable way to reduce river pollution and increase resilience over rising fertiliser prices, say researchers.

Scientists believe technology could be developed to farm large phytoplankton blooms in the oceans to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

Climate protestor holding up a square white sign about the 1.5 degree celsius global warming limit goal.

1.5°C: where the target came from – and why we’re losing sight of its importance.

Multiple bunches of green bananas

New research led by postgraduate researcher Ingrid Arotoma-Rojas presents a case study of Shawi Indigenous men in the Peruvian Amazon.

Interior of a steel refinery showing the entrance to a working furnce.

Steel is essential for making many of the technologies that will end fossil fuel combustion. Unfortunately, to produce a lot of steel, manufacturers need to burn a lot of fossil fuel.