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Image of a mosquito on skin by Himas Rafeek from Pixabay

An international study reveals how future climate change could affect malaria transmission in Africa over the next century.

Ed manley, LIDA

Professor Ed Manley has been shortlisted for the Newton Prize 2020, along with 26 other research and innovation projects between the UK and Egypt, Jordan, Kenya, South Africa, and Turkey.

New zealand glacier

Glaciers in the Southern Alps of New Zealand have lost more ice mass since pre-industrial times than remains today, according to a new study.

Great Hall Leeds University

National Student Survey results reveal that Leeds has retained its position in the top five for teaching among the Russell Group.

Liana southern amazonia

A team of Brazilian and British scientists has uncovered the extent to which trees across the southern edge of the Amazon are infested by woody climbing plants and the impact they have on the forests.