Falon Attai

My degree was an enlightening experience, where I acquired a vast range of knowledge currently being applied to the Energy sector in Trinidad and Tobago. On the completion of the MSc. I have worked on a variety of environmental extension projects.

At PLIPDECO, I am able to incorporate the fundamental principles acquired with the M.Sc. in Sustainability and apply to ongoing and futuristic projects. This organization has committed itself to a holistic sustainable development, which understands that sustainability indicators are multidimensional as well as sectoral measures by which it becomes possible to illustrate the development and links among a community's economy, environment, health, and social conditions.

I am currently part of a strategic team, spearheading the development of a more sustainable environment with the resilience to adapt to these potential future requirements. In part, land use planning practices that create and maintain efficient infrastructure, ensuring close-knit neighbourhoods, preservation of natural systems, and encouraging a sense of community. In addition to helping PLIPDECO develop sustainable processes, meeting environmental regulations and developing CSR programmes, I also have the lead on in the decision making at multiple levels and the prescription of innovative solutions for company’s future developments.

Sustainability science has emerged over the last two decades as a vibrant field of research and innovation. Therefore, I have taken a particular interest in sustainable energy developments including renewable energy, energy from waste, advanced energy technologies such as gasification, and low and zero-carbon energy technologies. As a result of the experiences I gained at the University of Leeds, I am embarking on another journey in pursuit of a PhD, which incorporated the core elements of Sustainability.