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Mohammed Alkubati

Mohammed Alkubati is a Transport Planning and Engineering MSc student, at the Institute for Transport Studies.

Searching for a course to accelerate his passion for sustainability within transport and engineering, Masters student Mohammed was inspired to choose Leeds due to the exceptional facilities available to students and the real-world opportunities the course offered.  

The University has state-of-the-art laboratories, libraries and research centres that provide you with all the necessary resources and tools to excel in your studies.

Mohammed Alkubati

“This contributes to a learning experience that is highly enriching and practical, allowing you to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios.” 

Transport Planning and Engineering MSc students in class.


Diverse topics 

The focus on sustainability and its potential to make a positive impact on the environment and society may have been the inspiration behind Mohammed’s decision to choose the course, but he was also impressed by its diverse range of topics within the field of transport. 

“The variety has been exceptionally rewarding,” he said. “It has allowed me to delve deeply into the specific areas of transportation that I'm most passionate about. It has not only kept my learning experience engaging but has also provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the complexities and nuances within the field of transport engineering. 

“Learning about innovative solutions and strategies for sustainable transportation and infrastructure development motivates me to contribute to a more environmentally friendly and efficient future.” 

Addressing critical issues 

During his degree, Mohammed has participated in a number of sustainability initiatives and study topics. 

Mohammed Alkubati with some of his fellow Transport Planning and Engineering MSc students.


He said: “The University of Leeds places a strong emphasis on sustainability, and I've had the opportunity to engage in projects related to green transportation, renewable energy, and urban planning.  

“These experiences have deepened my understanding of the importance of sustainable practices in the field of transport and infrastructure. 

The course makes a significant contribution to our daily lives because it addresses critical issues related to transportation and infrastructure.

Mohammed Alkubati

 “Transport systems play a vital role in connecting communities, supporting economic growth, and reducing environmental impacts.  

“By studying and working in this field, I hope to contribute to the development of efficient, sustainable, and accessible transportation systems that benefit society as a whole.” 

Real-world challenges  

The course provided Mohammed with opportunities to take part in several captivating projects. This included the comprehensive development of a new tram system for the Leeds are. As part of his dissertation project, he was also focused on enhancing the signalling infrastructure in the University’s vicinity. 

Transport Planning and Engineering MSc students in high-vis jackets on a field trip.


"These initiatives provided me with invaluable opportunities to apply my academic knowledge to tangible, real-world challenges while honing my critical thinking skills,” he said.  

Looking to the future 

Mohammed has ambitions to continue to work in the field of transportation and sustainability and believes the course has provided him with the skills and experiences to do so. 

“The experiences I've gained at Leeds have been truly enriching,” Mohammed said. 

Through hands-on research, fruitful collaborations with industry partners, and involvement in sustainability initiatives, I've developed a diverse skill set that will undoubtedly prove invaluable in my future career.  

Mohammed Alkubati

“These experiences have equipped me with practical skills, and more significantly, have deepened my understanding of the intricacies of transportation and sustainability.  

“I've also had the opportunity to work extensively with various software applications related to transportation, broadening my technical proficiency.” 

Positive impact  

The course also provided Mohammed insight into the transportation systems and standards specific to the UK, providing him with a unique perspective and a well-rounded foundation for addressing transportation challenges globally. 

“Leeds is an excellent choice if you're passionate about making a positive impact on transportation and the environment.” he said.  

“The University offers top-notch facilities, a supportive academic community, and numerous opportunities to get involved in meaningful projects.  

“Studying here can prepare you for a fulfilling career where you can contribute to solving real-world challenges in the field of transportation.” 

Mohammed Alkubati standing with his friends.


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