Martin Hansz

Martin Hansz

I'm currently working as a consultant at the Climate Change Division of the Ministry of Housing, Land Planning and Environment (part-time). In particular, I'm working on a project that aims to introduce electric buses into the Montevideo public transport system, with potential financial support from the Green Climate Fund (GCF). I was part of the team of the National Planning and Logistics Department (Ministry of Transportation and Public Works - Uruguay) during 2012 - 2017. I'm also working as an independent consultant in different transport-related projects. In addition, I collaborate with the Department of Social and Political Sciences of the Catholic University of Uruguay in a research project on transport and territorial inequality (transport equity, social exclusion, jobs accessibility). 

My experience at ITS has really helped me in my job and career. Studying at ITS helped me to understand the importance of transport planning and the impacts of transport activities on society, the environment and the economy. At ITS I had the opportunity to develop skills in quantitative methods, GIS, modelling, data collection, others, which have been important in different projects that I've been involved in. For example, in my previous job, I had to use VISUM, and the courses on transport modelling helped me to understand the basics of the theory of modelling. Spatial analysis is a very important tool that I frequently use. One of the most important things is that studying at ITS has awakened my interest in transport research. 

My first contact with ITS was through the Institute of Transport at the University of San Martin (Argentina), where I studied a postgraduate programme in Transport Planning and Policy. After that, I explored more information about the institute and I found that ITS is one of the most important institutes to study transport in the world. I decide to study the MSc program in Transport Planning because I think this is the most attractive program. It introduces you in a wide range of social, economic and environmental aspects of transport that I think are really important to know to be a transport planner. 

I think that if you would like to specialize in transport, ITS is an excellent option. The different Master programmes will introduce you to the field of transport studies and provides you with tools that are important for the industry such as planning, transport modelling, transport investment appraisal, transport econometrics, etc. Also, if you have a research interest, ITS is an excellent place to develop your ideas. 

I didn't take part in the ITS employers visit because I had a scholarship and I was obliged to return to my country for two years, but from the experience of those who did it, I think that I should have taken part in it. 

As an international student, my advice for students interested in studying transport at ITS is to study hard and enjoy the time at Leeds. It will be an unforgettable experience. Make friends and take part in social activities. Take your time and choose the Master program you think is the best for you. Prepare your CV and take part in the ITS Employer Visits. More and more, cities around the world need transport professionals.