Kyoung Soo Kim

Kyoung Soo Kim

I am currently CEO of KISTEC (Korea Infrastructure Safety & Technology Company). KISTEC is a Public Corporation funded by the Government which is devoted to the inspection of major public structures & consulting in safety and maintenance of Korean infrastructure since 1995. There are 3 offices including 19 Teams & 350 members in the organisation. My job is divided by in-depth inspection, R & D and issuing engineering direction, management of facility information systems (FMS), in-situ training inspectors & relevant engineers, evaluating private firm inspection reports, cursory inspections of small-scale safety worried public & private facilities and the management of urgent transfer systems of disaster image, etc

The mission of KISTEC is to protect life and property of the people by securing the safety of the major public structure & to reduce maintenance costs.

By taking the MSc and PhD thesis in Civil Eng my experience at ITS has helped me in my career. There have been many work/career changes since 1995. At that time our country was in a panic due to the failure of major public structures such as big bridges and department stores etc. As a senior engineer, my work experience at ITS has been important to help restore the scar of a collapse of structures and to eliminate the fear of infrastructure safety. I, therefore, believe that my past experience in ITS and the above work has helped to make me CEO of KISTEC.

I chose my course at Leeds University because it came recommended to me by one of my senior graduates of ITS.

If I could give one piece of advice to students interested in this course I would say it is the most valuable and hardest work among relevant academic courses in the world.