Alumnus Prize winner, Oluwasegun Aluko, April 2016

Alumni Oluwasegun Aluko, won the prize for his paper centered around transport safety policies in commercial motorcycle operation.

The winner of the student prize at the 18th UK System Dynamics Chapter Annual Conference was recent Alumni Oluwasegun Aluko for his paper “A Model for the Evaluation of Transport Safety Policies in Commercial Motorcycle Operation in Nigeria”. 

There were five full paper entries for the student prize, covering a range of system dynamics applications in business, the environment and the housing market. The papers were assessed on four criteria: dynamic problem formulation, justified use of the system dynamics methodology, model results and implementation, and contribution to knowledge. All entrants gave presentations of their work to the UK System Dynamics Chapter Annual Conference and received feedback from the judging panel with a view to publishing their work.

Three features of Oluwasegun Aluko’s work stood out. Firstly, the range of policy changes that gave insight into how the driver behaviour could be improved. Secondly, the data extraction methods used. Semi-structured interviews with drivers were used in model construction and calibration. Thirdly, the potential transferability of the model to other forms of commercial taxi services across many developing countries where the operational issues are similar.

Although Oluwasegun could not be there to receive the prize, it was received on his behalf by his PhD supervisor, Dr Astrid Güehnemann, who also presented his work to the chapter conference. ITS and The policy council send their congratulations to Oluwasegun, and wish him the best in his future career.

Read Oluwasegun Aluko's presentation.