Gopika Avanoor

Gopika Avanoor

Why did you decide to take part in the Industry Mentoring Scheme?

I felt that having a person from the transport industry, whom I could look up to, would really help me in choosing the right career path. The presentation on the ITS Industry Mentoring Scheme convinced me to sign up for it.

What help and support did you receive from your mentor?

I had met my mentor a few days before giving a job interview. She gave me a lot of tips that turned out to be really useful during my interview. She told me a great deal about the company that she works for. She told me why it is exciting to work there and what are the benefits of working for that company. I have met her only once till now, and that meeting was extremely helpful. My mentor always replies without delay when I send her queries through email.

What were the main benefits of working with your mentor?

The information that she gave me about her work was something that I could never find on a website. She genuinely shared her experience. During my job interview, when I told my interviewers that I had enquired about the company through my mentor, they were really impressed, as she works for the same company. My mentor also gave me tips on what to do and what not to do during a job interview. She boosted my confidence before going for the interview.

What would you say to someone considering taking part in the Industry Mentoring Scheme?

The Industry Mentoring Scheme has been extremely helpful for me. If you wish to work in the transport sector in the UK, I would strongly recommend you to take part in the Scheme through which you could discuss your areas of interest with your mentor, get advice from them regarding your career choices and also learn from their experiences.