We are committed to sharing our facilities and associated expertise with external academic and industrial collaborators. To discuss your requirements, please contact the staff listed on the pages below.

Facility title Overview
Chemical analysis Facilities for chemical analysis of water and solid extractions.
Cohen Geochemistry Laboratory An integrated laboratory suite designed and built for geochemical research in all areas of environmental geosciences.
Diamond Leeds SAXS Facility The tailored instrument for high-resolving X-ray scattering experiments offers open access to Leeds and other UK-users around the year for the nanostructural fine-analysis of complex soft matter, polymers, bio-materials and advanced solid materials.
Driving Simulator We have one of the most technically advanced driving simulator suites within a research environment. It uses motion base technology to create a highly realistic and dynamic simulated driving environment.
Electron Microscopy Facility Leading UK facility for imaging and microanalysis of solid materials at the micron scale.
Environmental Room A walk in environmental room, which provides controlled temperature, lighting and humidity.
Equipment for field monitoring of environmental conditions We have a range of equipment for field monitoring of environmental conditions, especially the weather, river hydraulics, soil.
Experimental Petrology Laboratory We have equipment to study processes such as mineral replacement, kinetics of mineral reactions, melt infiltration, metasomatism including propagation of chemical reactive fronts.
Fluid Inclusion Laser Ablation ICP-MS Laboratory This laboratory is set up for the analysis of fluid inclusions in minerals.
General geography laboratory facilities The laboratories have an extensive range of equipment to facilitate the preparation and analysis of water, soil and sediment samples.
Geophysical Equipment Our geophysical field equipment can be applied to many subsurface imaging challenges.
Haldrup F-55 Grass Harvester The Haldrup F-55 is a precision plot grass harvester.
Ice Nucleation Laboratory We have a range of instruments and facilities focused on measuring properties of atmospheric aerosol both in the laboratory and the field.
IcePod Part of the Ice Nucleation Laboratory
Inductively Coupled Plasma Analysis Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) and Optical Emission Spectrometry (ICP-OES) are analytical techniques used to determine elemental concentrations in liquid samples.
Instrument Workshop We design, construct and maintain equipment for use in research and teaching.
Palaeontology Laboratory This lab is used for macrofossil and microfossil analysis and imaging.
Petrophysics Laboratory This laboratory focuses on the physical properties of rocks, with apparatus for measuring the porosity and permeability of rocks and the measurement of frequency dependent permeability and streaming potential coefficient.
Plant Growth Chambers We have a range of plant growth chambers.
Remote sensing vehicle emissions Our vehicle emission measurement system senses the tailpipe emissions of vehicles as they drive-through a monitoring site. The instrument scans the exhaust plume trailing a vehicle.
Rock Mechanics, Engineering Geology and Geotechnical (RMEGG) Laboratories Used for a wide range of rock and soil testing activities, collecting, processing, testing and interpreting data related to the geotechnical, mining and petroleum sectors around the world.
School of Food Science and Nutrition An <a href="http://environment.leeds.ac.uk/food-nutrition-research-innovation/doc/research-facilities">overview of the facilities</a> available within the School of Food Science and Nutrition.
Sorby Environmental Fluid Dynamics Laboratory Our facilities enable a wide interdisciplinary community to experiment upon a range of simulated natural processes.
Specialist laboratories We have several specialist laboratories dedicated to microscopy, physical soil analysis and tree ring analysis
Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectrometry Laboratory We primarily offer Sr-Nd-Pb isotope analyses in a wide range of geological and environmental materials.
Thin Section Workshop / Rock Polishing Laboratory Preparation of high quality optical and polished thin sections, polished blocks, doubly polished wafers, fluid inclusion wafers, grain mounts etc.
Topographical surveying equipment We have specialist equipment for topographic surveying, including a Reigl VZ-1000 terrestrial laser scanner and a Leica Viva dGPS-TS system.
Wolfson Multiphase Flow Laboratory We have state-of-the-art facilities for investigating the multi-phase flow properties of fault rocks for predicting the flow of petroleum in the subsurface and measuring the relative permeability, capillary pressure and wettability of fault rocks within petroleum reservoirs.
X-ray Diffraction and X-ray Fluorescence (XRD/XRF) Our XRD and XRF facilities include a preparation laboratory and an instrument laboratory. Analysis is available on a Bruker D8 XRD, a Philips XRD and a portable XRF.