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Fossil records of the first animals to emerge. Picture credit: Dr Emil Mitchell, University of Cambridge

Oxygen levels in the Earth’s atmosphere are likely to have “fluctuated wildly” one billion years ago, creating conditions that could have accelerated the development of early animals, say researchers.

A view of an aeroplane wing in the clouds.
Image via Unsplash/Ross Parmly

Carbon taxes on heating and driving affect the poor more – but charges on flights could offer a fair way to tax carbon.

Screengrab images from the Why Wool Matters documentary: King Charles III, left, and sheep in a field.
Stills taken from Youtube/Campaign for Wool

Why Wool Matters has been awarded Best Fashion Documentary at the 2022 London Fashion Film Festival.

Image of a weather radar

The University of Leeds' prestigious membership of the Met Office Academic Partnership (MOAP) will continue, welcoming the Universities of Edinburgh and Birmingham.

Sentinel 1: image credit European Space Agency 2021

The European Space Agency (ESA) has chosen the Harmony research mission for implementation, which will provide a wealth of new data about our oceans, ice, earthquakes and volcanoes.