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A community group in India viewing a co-produced artwork.

Artists from around the globe have been connected with Leeds academics to explore climate change and justice in an online research project.

A weather forecaster looking at satellite images on a dual-monitor screen. There are other forecasters in the office.

Scientists have been awarded £2 million to develop ways of alerting communities in South Africa, Zambia and Mozambique to extreme weather.

IPCC logo

Professor Simon Lewis authors this piece on the UN organisation's latest climate change report and how this will affect negotiations at Cop28, which is taking place in the UAE in November.

Longview over the top of a glacier

Scientists have calculated that the fastest changing Antarctic region - the Amundsen Sea Embayment - has lost more than 3,000 billion tonnes of ice over a 25-year period.  

Illustration of the earth cut in half revealing the super core.

Compass readings that do not show the direction of true north and interference with the operations of satellites are a few of the problems caused by peculiarities of the Earth’s magnetic field.