Salma Khuky


I am a Civil Engineer by training majoring in Transportation discipline. I started my career in the public sector as Highway Engineer where I worked in different roles involving highway planning, design, and construction. Gradually I got inducted into the management issues of the transport business and eventually enrolled in Post graduate degree in Business Administration.

This inspired my later career shift to administration and policy making and my current role as Deputy Secretary in Road Transport Ministry. Meanwhile, I worked for a national road research institute for several years and thereby became interested in pursuing a transport research degree and started my Ph.D. journey at ITS, University of Leeds.       

Research interests

Throughout my academic and professional experience, I have been interested in governance mechanisms practiced in imparting transport services to people.

My Ph.D. research is also in line titled ‘Collaborative governance for organisational coordination for mass rapid transit implementation in South Asia: Dhaka case study’. How the plethora of organisations involved in MRT implementation govern the coordination of these new public transport technologies in developing countries is an under-researched area and governments require a well-researched policy for effective implementation.

The application of hierarchy, market, and network governance mechanisms and their possible combination to deal with the context-specific coordination scenario of MRT implementation may lead to ways for a more collaborative approach to governance within the system and that is my prime research focus.