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A group of six practitioners of research, art and activism from Buenos Aires and Leeds, stood together in a line in front of the sustainable garden in Leeds.

A collaborative International Strategy Fund project with the University of Buenos Aires crosses boundaries, disciplines and cultures to tackle climate justice.

Left: an image of Lex Comber, smiling. Right: blue text reading

Professor Lex Comber has received funding for research that uses social media insights to track trends in gentrification and house pricing in the UK, Vietnam and New Zealand.

A spiral fossil shell on a black background.

New research combines climate modelling with fossil shell analysis to understand what a warm future could be like over Western Europe.

Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone. Image shows the view of the coast, including high-rises and an offshore cargo boat.

Ahead of Africa Day on May 25, this article highlights recent research projects in which our researchers have collaborated with African communities, researchers and practitioners.

Three rows of wind turbines coming out from the sea, against a blue sky.

New research shows that, despite previous beliefs, renewable energy systems have a higher ‘energy return on investment’ than fossil fuels.