Research projects

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Current projects

Title Funder Start date End date
City-centered approach to catalyze nature-based solutions through the EU Regenerative Urban Lighthouse for pollution alleviation and regenerative development (UPSURGE) EU Horizon 2020 1 September 2021 31 August 2025
Elements and Architecture in Deep Water Turbidite Systems Wintershall Dea 1 June 2021 31 May 2025
Meeting the Paris Agreement on Climate: Exploiting Earth System Models to determine the role of future land-use change NERC 1 September 2019 31 August 2024
SO-ICE European Space Agency 1 September 2021 31 August 2023
Study and characterization of cushuro proteins and polysaccharides ('Nostoc commune') from the Cotaparaco-Recuay lagoon, Áncash, for the development of functional foods and contribution to reduce children malnutrition National Programme for Innovation in Fisheries and Aquaculture (PNIPA) Peru 1 October 2020 30 September 2022
Optimising the Design, Maintenance and Operation of Branch Lines RSSB 1 March 2021 30 June 2022
Rail Openings Appraisal: Review and development of appraisal practice for new railway lines, stations and services RSSB 1 August 2020 30 June 2022
Severe Precipitation In South East Asia (SPISEA) Newton Fund 1 April 2020 31 March 2022
Corridor Talk: Conservation Humanities and the Future of Europe’s National Parks AHRC 1 March 2019 28 February 2022

Past projects

Title Funder Start date End date
Experimental measurement and modelling of the steady-state and frequency-dependent electro-kinetic properties of rocks 1 September 2017 30 September 2018
Quantifying and understanding tropical peatland spatial distribution and carbon storage in Central Africa Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) 1 October 2011 31 December 2015
Rapid Dynamics in the Earth's Core 1 October 2011 31 August 2015
OASES (Outcomes Assessment of Sensory Education in Schools) EU Horizon 2020 1 October 2018 12 October 2022
IceControl (ERC Proof of Concept)