Leeds Quaternary

Leeds Quaternary is a cross-School research group in the Faculty of Environment, bringing together researchers from both the School of Earth and Environment and School of Geography who conduct research into the Earths system during the Quaternary Period (the last 2.6 million years to the present day).

With over 30 academic and research staff, and postgraduate students, we are one of the largest Quaternary groups in the UK.

Our internationally-leading research covers a wide range of topics including biogeochemical cycles, climates and oceans, ecology and biodiversity, ice sheets and sea level, human-environment interactions, sedimentary resources and stratigraphy, tectonics and volcanism.

Our research

Leeds Quaternary research covers seven broad areas utilising a wide range of research methods.

Biogeochemical cycles

  • Karen Bacon, Simon Bottrell, Lauren Gregoire, Ruza Ivanovic, Christian März, Paul Morris, Rob Newton, Ivan Savov, Graeme Swindles

Climate and oceans

  • Tracy Aze, Karen Bacon, Natasha Barlow, Antony Blundell, Lauren Gregoire, Daniel Hill, Ruza Ivanovic, Christian März, Paul Morris, Rob Newton, Graeme Swindles

Ecology and biodiversity

  • Tracy Aze, Karen Bacon, Antony Blundell, Adam Booth, Daniel Hill, Paul Morris, Graeme Swindles

Glaciers, ice sheets and sea level

  • Natasha Barlow, Adam Booth, Simon Bottrell, Jonathan Carrivick, Andy Evans, Lauren Gregoire, Daniel Hill, Dave Hodgson, Ruza Ivanovic, Rob Newton, Duncan Quincey, Graeme Swindles

Human-environment interaction

  • Natasha Barlow, Antony Blundell, Adam Booth, Daniel Hill, Phil Murphy, Graeme Swindles

Sedimentary resources and stratigraphy

  • Simon Bottrell, Jonathan Carrivick, Richard Collier, Dave Hodgson, Christian März, Phil Murphy, Graeme Swindles

Tectonics and volcanism

  • Natasha Barlow, Richard Collier, Dave Hodgson, Laura Gregory, Ivan Savov, Graeme Swindles

PhD opportunities

Our staff support and supervise postgraduate students in a wide range of Quaternary research. If you are interested in studying for a research degree in a Quaternary associated topic, please visit the research degree sections of the School of Earth and Environment and School of Geography websites.

Contact us

For more information, please contact:

Dr Natasha Barlow - School of Earth and Environment
e: n.l.m.barlow@leeds.ac.uk 
t: +44 (0)113 343 3761

Dr Graeme Swindles - School of Geography
e: g.t.swindles@leeds.ac.uk
t: +44 (0)113 343 9127

Leeds Quaternary activities can also be followed on Twitter via #LeedsQuaternary