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On the trail of a deadly fungus

Aflatoxins could be a cause of stunted growth in children in Africa - our researchers are uncovering the different factors at play

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Aflatoxins case study
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Sustainable products

Food processing waste is being developed into eco-friendly packaging, sustainable cosmetics and other high-value commercial products

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Turning food waste into high-value products
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Carbohydrates and health

Our researchers are driving policy change around carbohydrates and health

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Carbohydrates and health
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Sustainable food research

Providing nutritious, safe and affordable food for a growing population in a sustainable way is an urgent global challenge. Our researchers collaborate with food producers, policymakers and businesses worldwide to develop sustainable food systems in the face of the Earth’s changing climate.

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If you have an enquiry about the sustainable food research theme, please contact Professor Steven Banwart.

Research impact

Our researchers are based in the Schools of Earth and Environment, Geography and Food Science and Nutrition. Their breadth of research addresses urgent problems in food security and sustainability, and is developed through the The Global Food and Environment Institute (GFEI).

Food processing waste, such as canning water and orange peel, is being developed into compostable packaging, sustainable cosmetics and other commercial products through research led by Professor Caroline Orfila.

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Asda customers have reduced food waste and reported an average monthly saving of more than £80 per household as a result of taking part an award-winning scheme developed with Professor William Young.

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The research of Dr Eleonora Morganti, an expert in urban food transport, distribution and consumer behaviour, could help to ensure that all city dwellers have good access to healthy fresh food into the future.

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Professor Caroline Peacock's research into marine sediments is giving valuable insights to soil scientists studying complex terrestrial soils.

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Through research into carbohydrates and carbo-metabolic health, Dr Charlotte Evans and colleagues supplied key evidence to policymakers on guidance for sugars and fibre intakes.

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Communities in Africa will be safer from exposure to toxic fungal contamination on staple foods, through research led by Professor Yun Yun Gong.

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Meeting the urgent needs of people living with food poverty, and devising a long-term strategy for preventing food waste, is the focus of new research led by Dr Effie Papargyropoulou.

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Small-scale farmers in Ghana and Tanzania will have greater visibility and a strong voice in national food systems debates through research led by Professor Anne Tallontire.

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The potential for farmers to protect their soils and make smarter, region-specific agricultural management choices is being advanced through the research of Dr Marcelo Galdos.

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Professor Andy Challinor is modelling future climate scenarios to develop a new data analytics tool. It will better enable Government Officials to make key choices for improved global food security.

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Professor Joseph Holden and colleagues at the University farm are showing how past farming practices could be key elements of future farming methods aimed at protecting soils.

More on Protecting soils through sustainable farming

Professor Steve Banwart develops farming methods that protect soils and enhance carbon storage while producing enough to feed a growing world population.

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