Industry mentoring scheme

Industry mentoring scheme


Our graduates are innovative and critical thinkers, and we’re proud to see them doing excellent work in key positions across the transport industry and beyond.

The aim of this mentoring programme is to match industry professionals with students in a bid to support students in developing the necessary skills to manage their career, provide them with an industry perspective to enhance their academic learning and establish mutually beneficial relationships between industry, the University and its students.

Being a mentor

As a mentor, you will be somebody with knowledge and experience to draw upon. Your role is to provide practical and objective guidance and support to help your mentee to progress.

The role of a mentor can be very rewarding, but you will need to be flexible with your approach and skills in order to offer the best support for your mentee. You could take on diverse roles as a mentor:

  • An expert with a rich source of subject knowledge at your fingertips
  • A role model who actively promotes the development of others
  • Someone to challenge their thinking and encourage new ways of working.

What is involved?

Your role is to guide your mentee and help build their confidence, share your career experiences, support their career path and listen. You can mentor face-to face, by email, phone, Skype, whatever suits you. Commit to an hour or more a month with your mentee.

If you are interested in signing up to the industry mentoring scheme, please contact Helen Lee for more information.