Dr Yim Ling Siu

This MSc provides students a unique study experience and training in combining physical and social science perspectives to better understand climate change and its impacts on the economy, society and the environment.

I am a lecturer in Environmental Risk Management and a geographer by training, with over 30 years’ experience in inter- and multi-disciplinary research into climate-induced environmental risks which emerge from our modern societies, in particular from the water, energy, transport and climate services sectors. 

My association with Leeds dates back to my MA in 1984 followed by my Ph.D. I became a member of research staff and throughout my career, I have been able to work with colleagues in the fields of water, energy, transport, food, climate science, ecological economics and sustainable development all under the same roof. Most importantly, we share the same goal to make positive changes to enable our societies to be resilient to climate-induced environmental risks and issues as well as attain sustainable development goals and well-being.

This MSc course purposively brings physical and social scientists together to deliver teaching of the subject disciplines in which they are passionate and excel. Teaching is research-led and the staff are extremely keen to help students on this course think critically and apply inter-, multi- and trans-disciplinary approaches to better understand complex climate change issues, especially in the environmental policy arena. Therefore, MSc dissertation projects are a real highlight in the course as you will be supervised by these members of staff on a research topic of your choice, and in some cases, may be able to work alongside their research projects.

I look forward to engaging with you all and tacking the climate problems of the future!