Dr Stephen Whitfield

When I think back on my own undergraduate degree, I realise how important those years were, not only for what I learnt, and the passion that was ignited in me for my subject, but also for the friendships that I made and the experiences that I had. It is those experiences that motivated me to pursue a career in higher education. Now, as the programme leader for the Sustainability and Environmental Management BSc, it is a real privilege to witness each of our students go on their own unique journey through university life.

Within the School we have world leading experts in international development, environmental politics, sustainable cities, and much more, and we try to ensure that this full breadth of expertise feeds into research-led teaching on the Sustainability and Environmental Management programme. But as well as this variety, one of the things that is so great about the programme is that through it our students and staff really get to know each other on an individual level. Not only is there scope within the programme for small group teaching and learning, residential trips, and extra-curricular activities, the programme is specifically designed to encourage students to choose and pursue their individual interests and ambitions and to become independent, creative, critical thinkers. After all, that is what is needed for tackling the complex environmental challenges that we face in the world today.

In my own career, I have followed my own particular interest in sustainable agriculture and food, and this continues to lead to opportunities to participate in new and exciting research with colleagues around the world. As a member of teaching staff, tutoring and mentoring students as they follow their own pursuits and interests is just as rewarding and it is exciting to see who are students become and where their studies take them.

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