Undergraduate admissions guidance

(For academic year 2022/23 only)

The Faculty of Environment admissions guidance applies to undergraduate courses in all Schools.

Advanced entry

The Faculty of Environment will consider applications from those who are seeking entry to the second year. All applications must be made through UCAS, as per the deadlines outlined in the Application routes and deadlines section.

To be eligible the applicant must demonstrate that they meet the following criteria:

  • Meet first year requirements, as detailed on Coursefinder.
  • Have met the learning outcomes of year 1 of the relevant programme.
  • Have achieved a minimum 60% average in the first year of study.

Decision on such applications are made by the Academic Admissions Tutor (or other academic lead).

Entry onto Level 3 of the Faculty of Environment is not permitted.

Application process

Internal transfers

The Faculty of Environment will consider applications from those who wish to transfer internally from other programmes at the University of Leeds. Applicants are expected to meet the standard academic entry requirements and are advised to contact the relevant School for further information/guidance in the first instance. Applicants will be expected to discuss their change of programme with an Academic Admissions Tutor from the chosen School before being accepted.

Students wishing to be considered for second year entry should consult the section above for more information on Advanced Entry.

Reapplications and former students of the university

The Faculty of Environment will consider applications from those who have previously applied to the institution.

The Faculty of Environment considers applications from candidates who have previously studied at the institution in line with the University of Leeds Taught Admissions Policy. Where appropriate, such candidates may be able to apply for Advanced Entry.


The Faculty of Environment will consider applications from those who are re-taking examinations prior to entering the University.

Applicant assessment

Personal statements

The personal statement of the application form helps us to assess the nature of the applicant’s interest in the academic subject and is an important part of the selection process. It is essential that applicants take this opportunity to demonstrate their enthusiasm and aptitude for the academic subject. It is an important part of the selection process, and an applicant may be assessed based on the strength of their statement relative to others in their cohort, and/or based on criteria set by the academic school.

Decisions and communications with applicants

Unsuccessful applicants who wish to request feedback on the reason for the outcome of their application should do so in line with the Feedback section of the University of Leeds Taught Admissions Policy, using the relevant email address contact in the Useful contacts and resources section below. Generally, where applicants request feedback on why they have not been admitted, feedback will be given.

Further information

If you require further information, please contact the relevant School Admissions Team:

School of Earth and Environment – admissions@see.leeds.ac.uk

School of Geography – geo-ug-enq@leeds.ac.uk 

School of Food Science and Nutrition – foodug@leeds.ac.uk 

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