Working in partnership

Jointly funded staff positions between the Met Office and the University of Leeds provide the foundation for the partnership.

  • Professor Doug Parker is the Met Office Professor of Meteorology at Leeds and Chair of the Academic Partnership. 
  • Professor Paul Field is Manager of Cloud Modelling at the Met Office and Professor of Climate Science at Leeds. 
  • Professor Jason Lowe is Priestley International Centre for Climate Chair, the Head of Climate Services and Deputy Director at the Met Office Hadley Centre. 
  • Professor Adrian Hines leads the Met Office Applied Science group. The group focus on the pull through of weather and climate science to support decision making across a range of sector in the UK and internationally.
  • Professor Simon Vosper holds a position as Visiting Professor of Atmospheric Dynamics.
  • Professor Sean Milton leads the Global Model Evaluation and Development section responsible for the Global Atmosphere configurations of the Unified Model across all time scales.

Leeds Met Office Strategic Research Group

The Partnership is supported by the University of Leeds Met Office Strategic (LUMOS) Research Group which has a number of shared posts. The objective of LUMOS is to provide capability for end-to-end research into the development and use of Met Office atmospheric models for socio-economic impact.

LUMOS is made up of the following staff:

  • Dr Cathryn Birch is a Research Scientist at the UK Met Office but is based in the School of Earth and Environment. 
  • Dr Marcelo Galdos is a Met Office Academic Fellow in Modelling Food Security and Climate Impacts.
  • Dr Marta Bruno Soares is a Met Office Academic Fellow interested in climate services, vulnerability and adaption and governance.
  • Dr Richard Keane is a Met Office Senior Scientist and Research Fellow, working on scale interactions in the water cycle.
  • Dr Steven Boeing is a Research Fellow based at Leeds. Steven specialises in fluid dynamics and thermodynamics of moist convection.
  • Dr Steven Turnock is an Air Quality Modeller at the Met Office. Steven studies the interaction of air pollutants with climate.


Met Office staff commonly take the opportunity to visit the University of Leeds, to conduct research, as part of their Continuing Professional Development programme, or within joint research projects.