Queen's Anniversary Prize

The UK’s highest accolade for universities and colleges - has been awarded to the University of Leeds for research into tropical weather systems and climate science

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A village on the edge of a desert about to be engulfed by a sandstorm.
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A leading institute for the integrated study of climate, weather, air pollution and impacts

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Institute Members
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Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science

Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science

We are making fundamental advances in our understanding of climate change, weather, atmospheric composition, palaeo-climates, and impacts on our planet and society. We develop advanced computer models, lead major field campaigns, analyse satellite data, and perform innovative laboratory experiments.

On behalf of the school, ICAS hosts the Centre for Environmental Modelling and Computation, which aims to be a leading UK centre for modelling, computation and environmental data processing. Its vision is to significantly enhance and accelerate our high impact research in weather, climate and atmospheric composition, and to train and educate a new generation of students and scientists in the latest techniques in scientific computing and data processing visualisation.

If you would like to discuss an area of research in more detail, please contact the Institute Director: Dr Andrew Ross

Our research themes

We study some of the most important phenomena influencing our weather and climate.

More on Atmospheric and Cloud Dynamics

We study the gas phase and aerosol composition of the troposphere and stratosphere.

More on Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosols

We tackle problems with direct societal consequences including melting ice caps, the links between air quality and climate, and food security.

More on Climate Science and Impacts

Our partnerships

We extend the scale and scope of our research through collaboration with many external organisations.